Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our vaction to Union City, TN

This weekend me & mommy went to the Discovery Park of America.
 There was an awesome slide down the leg of a metal wire man. It was scary the first time I went down it, but I ended up doing it four or five times. There was a cloud cannon where you would press down on a black sheet and through a hole a foggy cloud thing would come up.
 There was a room where you could stand and feel an earthquake, and one where you flew in a space mission. I was a pilot and an engineer on the space mission.
 After the Discovery Park of America we ate at a Mexican restaurant and went to where we were staying, There was a little cabin like where people would sleep a long time ago. Me and Mommy had tickle fights and pillow fights. We ate popcorn, played checkers and painted our nails.
 We did all this while Daddy went on a backpacking trip. We were so happy he made it home safe and did not run into one of these...